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A Parrot belongs to any of a large family of birds that include Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Conures, Lorries, Macaws, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Budgies and many others.

In choosing a Pet Parrot especially for children, impulse buying or adoption should definitely be avoided. Owners must have the sufficient knowledge about the species even before deciding to take a Parrot home. The necessary equipment and supplies should also be at hand for the transition.
The long lifespan of Parrots should make prospective owners all the more careful and truthful in choosing. The length of happiness or misery for both the Parrots and the owners is quite considerable just to have a decision based on a whim.
Please act responsibly and read about the different Pet Parrots before deciding to buy a Pet Parrot.

Pet Parrots types:

Pet-Parrots Parakeets Pet-Parrots Conures Pet-Parrots Amazons
Parakeets Conures Amazons
Pet-Parrots Cockatiels Pet-Parrots Pet-Parrots Cockatoos
Cockatiels Parrots Cockatoos
Pet-Parrots Parrotlets Pet-Parrots Poicephalus Parrots Pet-Parrots Caiques
Parrotlets Poicephalus Parrots Caiques
Pet-Parrots Lovebirds and Lorries Pet-Parrots Macaws
Lovebirds and Lorries Macaws

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A Cockatoo belongs to any of several crested parrots native to Australia and Northwestern Asia and the nearby islands. Cockatoos have powerful hooked bills, thick fleshy tongues and short, strong legs which all fit the common description of a parrot. However, they are the only parrots that have crests of long feathers that they can raise or lower.
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