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Interesting Facts about poicephalus

1.Mutations. Breeding has led to cinnamon and pied Senegals, or those with much deeper shades of oranges and red. However, beware of varieties that have more yellow than green wing feathers. Sometimes unscrupulous breeders just pluck the green feathers, and after a year the birds will molt and their original coloring will return.

2.Loyal friends. Red bellied parrots are very picky about which humans they show affection to! They become very attached to 1 or 2 people but snob the attention or even the treats of others.

3.What’s your name? Leg bands can help identify your parrot if it gets lost. While a thief can clip it off, an honest person may bring it to the shelter once it realizes that it belongs to someone. However, leg bands can get caught in a toy. The safer but more expensive alternative is the microchip, which is not only safer, but can’t be removed.

4.Mane attraction. “Poicephalus” is Latin for ‘many colored head.” A pretty apt name for a bird whose plumage can change according to sex, variety, and even age! The only color you can’t find on the poicephalus is blue.

5.Ripe old age. Did you know that Cape parrots can live up to 60 years old? They can even outlive their owners! However, the average lifespan is 40 years.

6.Unusual mixes. The only two varieties of the Poicephalus parrot that you can hybrid are the jardines and the cape carrot.

7.Keep your hands where I can see them! Poicephalus parrots can panic if the hand approaches them from above. They feel smaller and under attack, and think that a predator is sweeping over them. Always approach the parrots from eye level.

8.Male or female? It may be hard to tell the sex of a Senegal parrot. However, females tend to have longer and wider v-shaped markings on their chest. They also tend to have mostly green tail feathers, and are generally smaller.

9.This place is mine! Poicephalus parrots tend to get territorial so they shouldn’t be mixed with other birds, especially during mating or nesting season.

10.Achoo! Some owners fear that the parrots have caught their cold because they start sneezing and coughing soon after. While birds can get sick, most human virus just don’t transfer to birds. They’re just copying the sounds they hear, and they think it’s funny to see our reactions. They even bask in the attention and worry!

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Readers Comments
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Briana  French   (9/16/2007)
There is a lot of wrong info on this page... Number 4 says that the only color not on Poicephalus is Blue....wrong! What about the Ruppels? They have blue by their vents and legs. I believe purple would be the only color not found on any Poicephalus parrots. Number 8 says that females tend to have longer and wider Vs. This has never been proven. There has been a study however that has to do with the amount of yellow on the vent area (not tail feathers as suggested on this page). Females tend to have all green vent feathers while any trace of a yellow feather is normally male. Number 10 is rather deceiving. There are diseases that can be spread for bird to human and human to bird. They are called Zoonooses. Look up Zoonotic diseases and you will see many. Number 6 says that only Jardines and Capes can hybrid. Wrong. There have been many cases of Senegal/Red Bellied, Senegal/Meyers and Senegal/Brown Headed hybrids. All of the Poicephalus can hybridize because they are of the same Genus...Poicephalus!

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