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Parrot FAQs

Q: Why does my parrot look different from my friend’s parrot?

A: Because they are from different species. Parrots are actually a group of birds called Psittacines with a total number of 353 different bird species as members. All members of the order have a characteristic curved beak shape with the upper mandible having slight mobility in the joint with the skull and a generally erect stance. All parrots are zygodactyl, having the four toes on each foot placed two at the front and two back. Their plumages however vary but most are bright and colorful.

Q: Why isn’t my parrot speaking?

A: Although most parrot species are great mimics and can imitate human sounds a few of them cannot. So if you want a speaking parrot you’d better get one that is known for its learning ability to speak. Even then individual parrots vary and not all parrots learn to speak.

Q: Which parrot species are the best speakers?

A: Parakeets in general are known to be good learners. The best imitators of human voice though are African Grey Parrots. The Yellow-Naped Amazon, Mexican Double Yellow-Head Amazon, Yellow Fronted Amazon, Yellow-Crowned Amazon, and Blue Fronted Amazon are also fast learners.

Q: Why is my does my parrot scream and bite? Do I have a bad parrot?

A: Screaming and biting is an indication that something is wrong. If your parrot is screaming incessantly then it is stressed because of some factors. Try to determine the cause and address it to get a happier and quieter bird. Most parrots bite only when frightened or threatened. Do not do anything that will scare your parrot and its biting episodes will most probably decrease if not go away.

Q: What is beaking?

A: Beaking is what a parrot does to explore new things. Parrots are inquisitive creatures and use their beaks to examine things. Baby parrots are especially known for beaking. When you offer you finger and your parrot “bites” it remember that your parrot is most probably just beaking and getting acquainted with you. So don’t panic but allow it unless it hurts in which case push you finger gently towards your parrot to break its grip.

Q: What is the best treat to use as reward for my parrot?

A: The answer differs for each parrot. Like people parrots have their own preferences. You can determine your pet’s favorite food by serving it a mixture of food during its meal and by observing which food your parrot chooses first. Try this several times and the food it consistently chooses first would be its favorite food. Naturally that would serve as the best reward during trainings.

Q: My parrot is very quiet and seems to be subdued, is it sick?

A: Observe your parrot and try to cheer it up first. You parrot might just be lonely and lacking attention. If your parrot doesn’t perk up though, you’d better take it to a vet fast. Choose an avian specialist and not just any vet. You can find the nearest avian specialist near you by logging on to American Avian Veterinarian Association.

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