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Pet Parrots 101 - Parrot Training – Parrot Tricks

Pet-ParrotsOne of the greatest delights in having a parrot for a pet is seeing your parrot perform its tricks. Although some parrots learn a few tricks by themselves the norm is that a bird has to be trained to learn a trick. Many first time owners might find it surprising just how fun trick training can be.

If you plan on trick training your parrot you have to make sure that first of all your parrot has been trained to obey or is at least tame. Do not attempt to teach your parrot tricks if you can’t even touch or caress your parrot without getting bit. Once your parrot is tame you can start teaching it tricks.

Trick training has other rewards aside from being able to boast about your clever bird in the end. It can be used with parrots to help modify behavioral problems. It has been found that teaching your parrot tricks often results to a better behaved, more social, and happier animal. Note though that although trick training can calm some birds and help modify their behavior it does not work for all birds and for all problems. Trick training usually works for those with only mild to moderate behavioral problems.

Teaching Your Parrot New Tricks

When teaching your parrot new tricks remember that the basic principles of training still apply. Keep your training session positive and do not start a training session until both you and your parrot are ready. Train only in a quiet distraction-free room. Make sure the room is well lit and that your parrot is comfortable in that room.

The STEP UP Parrot Trick

One of the first tricks usually taught is the STEP UP. The step us is a very easy trick to teach since stepping up onto something is a natural thing to do. To teach this trick your bird should be standing on its stand. Move your hand slowly near your bird and gently press your pointer finger on it lower stomach. Then in a calm pleasant voice instruct you bird to “Step Up”. Usually the bird will instinctively step up to your finger. If this does not happen just repeat it until your bird gets it. Even if your parrot gets it right the first time you have to repeat it anyway so that the parrot will eventually recognize the words “Step Up” as their cue to do the trick. Give your parrot a treat and/or praise it each time it does a trick successfully.

The TURN AROUND Parrot Trick

The next trick to learn is the TURN AROUND. This requires that you parrot be perched on a stand again. Before you teach the trick warm up you bird by getting it to step up and go back to its perch a few times. Then holding its favorite at eye level, tell your parrot to “turn around”. As your parrot reaches for the treat, move your hand slowly to its back so that your parrot has to turn its head around to see the treat. Some parrots will immediately turn its entire body too to get to the treat. In case your bird does not praise it anyway and redo the trick telling it to “turn around” and coaxing your parrot to turn around next time. Once your parrot has learned this do not give your parrot a treat until it does a full 360° turn next time.

Readers Comments
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Omair Nabeel   (2/14/2008)
it cool and it worked on my birds

ashkan sharifzadeh   (5/7/2008)
the best site that i have ever seen about parrot.

elizabeth smith   (2/18/2009)
wich parrot trick is the best

Manda D   (5/3/2009)
More tricks please!!!

Pamela  Marrs   (8/20/2011)
There is a few tricks my bird does for me. We do the step up, turn around, and take a bow. To get my bird to do this I made him stand on his favorite perch then i took his treat and made him follow the treat all the way to the perch with his head saying "take a bow" and praising him with petting till he got it by himself then I gave him the treat.Also another one we did was "wave" this was a little harder than the others and took a few days to do. I would do his other action comands first then I'd say "wave" then I would wave my hand up and down a few times.say the comand again and do the action, my bird got board and go chew so I waited till later then do it again "wave" then I would wave my hand.I got frustrated and decided to do a partial wing like a chicken with the wave comand then my silly bird decided to wave his foot. later he held up his wing because I did the chicken move. Any time after that "wave" he'd foot wave then wing me.

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